Douglas Oarlock Welcome to Rowing Sport

We provide for all the needs of the rower. Sculling Oars, Oarmasters 1 parts, Reverse Card Rowing Compasses, the Bronze Douglas Oarlocks™, rowing accessories and instruction. When it's time for you to go rowing call Rowing Sport.

For more information or to order please call (978-356-3623) or e-mail.

Ritchie Rower Compass

We are now featuring the Ritchie Rower, a reverse card rowing compass made for us by world famous Ritchie. It mounts in front of the rower and shows the course the boat is traveling which helps you row in a straight line.

Graham Seats

Replacement seats for sliding seat rowers are now available through our friends at Graham Seats. Check them out for custom, hand-made, hardwood seats.